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Grade 3 Adventure

Tongariro White Water Rafting

Departure Times
Summer (1st Nov – 8th Apr): 9am and 2pm Daily
Shoulder Season (8th of April – April 30th): 8:30am and 1pm Daily
Winter (May – Oct) 12 noon Daily
Age Restrictions
13+ Years (10+ if accompanied 1:1 by an adult)
Adult: FROM $89.50 USE CODE WIN2020
Child: FROM $69.50 USE CODE WIN2020



 Tongariro Whitewater runs 2 – 2.5 Hours on the River (4 Hours base-to-base)
All on-river apparel and Rafting Equipment
Full safety briefing
14kms (8miles) of 60+ rapids
On-River hot chocolate and chocolate snacks
Solar powered hot showers and heated changing rooms
River Dog (hot dog) provided for everyone. (Vegetarian Option as well)
Beer for adults, soda for children

Winter Includes

 Hot Mulled Wine option for adults

Tongariro River Rafting Whitewater Adventure

Tongariro Whitewater.

From our river base in Turangi, near the Tongariro National Park and only 40 minutes drive from Taupo township, our Tongariro White Water Grade 3 Adventure is the best rafting experience in the North Island.

The Tongariro White water Grade 3 is also our most popular river rafting adventure. The River is world-famous for its incredible scenery, pristine water and incredibly rare wild life. Turangi itself is often referred to as the Trout (both Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout) fly fishing capital of the world. Only with Rafting New Zealand will you get to experience the 50+ Grade 3 Rapids of the Tongariro River with an authentic professional Kiwi raft guide.

A unique blend of fun, excitement, adrenaline, education and culture is what you’ll receive with our Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3 Adventure. Experience authentic Maori myths and legends shared by professional New Zealand guides that have a special connection to them. Witness some of the world’s most pristine environments from crystal clear waters to native flora and fauna. As well as the chance to see one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds in its natural environment – the Whio (or, Blue duck) – famous for its ‘whistle’, rather than ‘quack’. Enjoy on-river snacks and an optional cliff-jump for those feeling confident.

Let’s not forget the rapids! There’s over 60 of them during our 14km (8 mile) journey. They each have a story our guides will share with you as you rock-and-roll down the river, bouncing off of canyon walls and over boulders in this natural adventure playground we call home.

Afterwards, refuel with a complimentary drink, and a Hot Dog while viewing photos from the trip you can also purchase.

Riding rapids through an awesomely beautiful and untouched natural volcanic gorge is a uniquely spiritual experience. Who better to guide you than the Kiwi professionals at New Zealand’s best Rafting Company?

If you have younger children and are looking for something less challenging please visit our Family Fun Rafting where we raft Grade 2 Rapids daily. If you are a part of a large group, we suggest you look at our Groups and Schools options or contact us directly for a customised trip option.

Our Terms & Conditions as well as our Health & Safety policies are online for you to view at any time.


Every time you raft with Rafting New Zealand or purchase Rafting New Zealand merchandise, you can take comfort in knowing a portion of your money is going to help preserve the majestic Tongariro for future generations. Rafting New Zealand, the Awa Toa Preservation Fund, and Project Tongariro are grateful for your contributions and your support!