Rafting New Zealand
Rafting New Zealand

Operating in COVID-19 Alert Level 2


With the Prime Minister’s cautionary announcements surrounding the potential move to ALERT LEVEL 2, an emphasis was put on hygiene and that businesses should only open if they are able to meet strict hygiene standards as set out by the Government’s guidelines.

Rafting New Zealand are the only Rafting operator in the region with hot showers and heated changing rooms – this means any clients that raft with us are able to rest assured that they are safe and healthy.

Rafting New Zealand also have a Gold Qualmark which means we meet a strict standard of hygiene and client safety. Our on-river gear is also hygienically sanitised, cleaned and maintained to the highest standards for your health and safety. And with a sizeable rafting base we can guarantee safe social distancing pre and post trip.

We also offer contactless check ins so Rafting New Zealand tick all the boxes for Government reporting and safety concerns.

We are currently taking bookings and look forward to hosting you and your whanau and friends as you adventure out of your bubbles and enjoy more of New Zealand when we reach Level 2.


All the gear Rafting New Zealand provide is washed thoroughly after every use in water and disinfectant, then fully dried before we give it to you.

We provide fleece(s), a wetsuit, a splash jacket, wetsuit socks, wetsuit booties, gloves, a beanie, a lifejacket and a helmet.

We also have large fully heated changing rooms to ensure there is enough room for everyone to get changed safely and with enough space for respective distancing.

We do require all rafters to wear the gear we provide because that is the only way we can ensure everyone will be adhering to Level 2 Guidelines and be warm enough on the river to maintain good health.


Our raft base is rigorously cleaned and sanitised multiple times per day. We offer contactless check ins and digital waivers so your contact with strangers is minimal.

We put seat covers over the seats in our shuttles which we disinfect after every use. We also make sure to disinfect the seatbelts, door handles, wipe down the windows and ensure to abide by social distancing practices in the vehicles.

Rafting New Zealand are the ONLY Rafting company in the area with heated showers so you can feel comfortable knowing you are able to clean yourself off after the trip and make sure you and your family are safe from any health or hygiene concerns.


Our priority is the safety of anybody interacting with Rafting New Zealand.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are ready to evolve with it and change our practices accordingly. But we want you to know that we are taking this situation very seriously and adjusting as necessary.

Rafting New Zealand is continuously making sure we are operating safely for all involved.

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