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Tongariro River Family Fun Rafting

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

The Best Grade 2 Rafting Adventure in New Zealand


New Zealand’s best family rafting adventure happens just a few minutes outside of Turangi on the lower reaches of the Tongariro River – world famous for its pristine water, incredible scenery and awesome wild life.


Suitable for ages 3 and up, our Tongariro Family Fun is an adventure for people wanting a safe, intimate introduction to white-water rafting.  The 8km (5 mile) journey is perfect for families with young children, more senior of citizens or those that are just not very water-confident.


The entire Tongariro Family Fun adventure is ‘hands-on’ and engaging; it so unique that you will think you are miles away from civilization while riding a series of 20+ rapids – with our professional raft guides ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves with authentic Maori myths and legends unique to this part of the country, fun, laughter, water education, safety tips and expert trivia about the fragile Tongariro environment.