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School Groups


You can never get on the water early enough! We have been offering rafting to students of all ages from all over the world for over 25 years. Dozens of schools and youth groups return year after year for exciting, fun-filled school trips and group tours this is a testament to the value and quality Rafting New Zealand provide.

You can be guaranteed that we will provide you with a safe and informative trip that is run at the highest possible standards in terms of customer service, guide technical knowledge and safety.

Our Tongariro River Trips are the perfect river options for a school or group activity please see details below.


The Waikato River boasts many traditional Maori tales and is the host of many warnings and prophecies. The most famous being “Waikato taniwha rau” which translates to ‘Waikato of a hundred water-monsters’ – This was in reference to the many enemy Chiefs that populated the waters’ edge and a reference to the strength and importance of them to the district. “He piko he taniwha, he piko he taniwha” – ‘At every river-bend, a chief’

It’s this incredible history and the strength of the area, that make the Waikato Thermal Float such an awe-inspiring journey through the twists and turns of New Zealand’s longest river. You can either chillax and ride the current water flow ( ‘Waikato’ means ‘flowing water’) taking in the towering pumice cliffs in the volcanic gorge, the wildlife and natural flora, or, you and your team can use the wide, calm river to craft new bonds of leadership, confidence and team work taking turns guiding the rafts, racing other rafts and working in synchronicity to achieve goals.

Optional swimming at the ‘hot water stream’, Otumuheke, along the way. This thermally heated stream has been an important part of the way of life for local Maori for hundreds of years. It’s natural medicinal values have been known to help various aches and pains, naturally.

The scope of the ‘Waikato Thermal Float’ is broad and can be completely customised to suit your business, school or tour group needs. It’s a trip that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Like all Rafting New Zealand activities, Rafting New Zealand balance its use of nature with the conservation of rivers as a natural resource and habitat. You’ll learn about, and experience, the awesome wildlife that inhabit the Waikato river – from fish to bird life – and the clean river water, as well as the unique environmental balance that keeps this section of the Waikato at its most natural.


New Zealand’s best family rafting adventure happens just a few minutes outside of Turangi on the lower reaches of the Tongariro River – world famous for its pristine water, incredible scenery and awesome wild life.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, our Tongariro Family Fun is an adventure for people wanting a safe, intimate introduction to white-water rafting. The 8km (5 mile) journey is perfect for families with young children, more senior of citizens or those that are just not very water-confident.

The entire Tongariro Family Fun adventure is ‘hands-on’ and engaging; it so unique that you will think you are miles away from civilization while riding a series of 20+ rapids – with our professional raft guides ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves with authentic Maori myths and legends unique to this part of the country, fun, laughter, water education, safety tips and expert trivia about the fragile Tongariro environment.

The Tongariro Family Fun Adventure also includes a visit to the National Trout Centre where you can feed the Trout and enjoy snacks provided. Plus, an optional cliff-jumping and swimming in the river are also offered to those that are feeling confident, all within a safely monitored environment.

  • 3 hours – 1.5 on river
  • Raft 8km with over 20+ gentle, fun,enjoyable rapids
  • Chocolate Fish on the river
  • All on river apparel supplied
  • Fun & professional river guides
  • All levels. Minimum age 6 years old



The Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3 is our most popular adventure and the Tongariro River is world-famous for its incredible scenery, pristine water and incredibly rare wild life.  Only with Rafting New Zealand will you get to experience the 50+ Grade 3 Rapids of the Tongariro River with an authentic professional Kiwi raft guide.

A unique blend of fun, excitement, adrenaline, education and culture is what you’ll receive with our Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3 Adventure. Experience authentic Maori myths and legends shared by professional New Zealand guides that have a special connection to them; witness some of the world’s most pristine environments from crystal clear waters to native flora and fauna, as well as the chance to see one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds in it’s natural environment – the Whio (or, Blue duck) – famous for its ‘whistle’, rather than ‘quack’. Enjoy on-river snacks and an optional cliff-jump for those feeling confident.

Let’s not forget the rapids! There’s over 50 of them during our 14km (8 mile) journey, and they each have a story our guides will share with you as you rock-and-roll down the river, bouncing off of canyon walls and over boulders in this natural adventure playground we call home.

Afterwards, refuel with a complimentary drink, and a Hot Dog while viewing photos from the trip you can also purchase.

Riding rapids through an awesomely beautiful and untouched natural volcanic gorge is a uniquely spiritual experience and who better to guide you than the professionals at New Zealand’s best Rafting Company?

  • 4 hours – 2.5 hours on river
  • Raft 50+ Grade 3+ rapids
  • Chocolate Fish on the river
  • All on river apparel supplied
  • Fun & professional river guides
  • All levels. Minimum age 13 or 10-12 years ok if supervised by adult

Our aim is to provide and tailor a trip that best suits your desired outcomes whether you are just wanting a fun and exciting trip we can deliver or you may want educational or leadership outcomes we can also deliver. We will cater the trip to suit your budget.

Some examples of activities we can provide on the river include:

  • Stream Crossing (Team work and leadership)
  • Throw Bag rescuing (River rescue skills)
  • Self Guiding Challenges (Team work and leadership)
  • Raft Race Challenge ( Team work and leadership)
  • Re writing a flipped boat (Team work and river rescue skills)


The Rafting Industry has been legislated for over 25years so the new Adventure Regulation is nothing new to us. We will assist and provide you with all the necessary documentation to ensure your health and safety planning is streamlined.

We will include :

  • Copies of our certificates of compliance.(Maritime New Zealand and Outdoors Mark)
  • Copy of Qual Mark Award
  • Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Hazard Management Forms for your particular activity
  • Accident and Incident Report Log sheet for the last year.

Why come to us!  Rafting is an adventure activity that very few New Zealanders get to experience. The river environment is something our kids need to be confident in and what better way to open the doors to them then by including a rafting adventure..

Why plan to come here? The Central Plateau is spread over the Ruapehu and Taupo regions. Within these regions there is a vast array of activities that your school can incorporate into your visit. From walking the many numerous tracks, to kayaking down hidden streams there is something for all abilities.