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A thrilling adventure with breathtaking scenery in Turangi

New Zealand’s best Grade 3 Team rafting adventure happens just a few minutes outside of Turangi on the upper reaches of the Tongariro River – world-famous for its pristine water, incredible scenery, and awesome wildlife so close to the Tongariro National Park.

Only with Rafting New Zealand will your team get to experience the 50+ Grade 3 rapids of the Tongariro River with an authentic professional Kiwi raft guide either as a team-building activity, a celebration of achievement, a corporate break or a high energy team challenge.

A unique blend of fun, excitement, adrenaline, education, and culture is what you’ll receive with our Grade 3 Group Rafting Adventure. Experience authentic Maori myths and legends shared by professional New Zealand guides that have a special connection to them.

Witness some of the world’s most pristine environments from crystal-clear waters to native flora and fauna. As well as the chance to see one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds in its natural environment – the Whio (or, blue duck) – famous for its ‘whistle,’ rather than ‘quack.’ Enjoy on-river snacks and an optional cliff jump for those feeling confident.

Let’s not forget the rapids! There’s over 60 of them during our 14km (8-mile) journey. They each have a story our guides will share with you as you rock-and-roll down the river, bouncing off of canyon walls and over boulders in this natural adventure playground we call home.

Afterward, refuel with a complimentary drink and a beef burger while viewing photos from the trip you can also purchase.

Riding rapids through an awesomely beautiful and untouched natural volcanic gorge is a uniquely spiritual experience. Who better to guide you than the Kiwi professionals at New Zealand’s best rafting company?

This Activity Includes

  •  Tongariro Whitewater runs 2 – 2.5 Hours on the River (4 Hours base-to-base)
  • All on-river apparel and Rafting Equipment
  • Full safety briefing for your team
  • 14kms (8miles) of 60+ rapids
  • On-River hot chocolate and chocolate snacks
  • Solar powered hot showers and heated changing rooms
  • Beef Burger provided for everyone. (Vegetarian Option as well)
  • Beer for adults, soda for children

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18+ years old



Ages 10-17