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Enjoy Corporate and Group rafting on the Tongariro River.

Team challenges available.

Just 40 minutes from Taupo township, we are based in the heart of Turangi.

Corporate and Group rafting from ages 3 and up. Safe, fun and exciting.

Grade 2 Group rafting adventures

New Zealand’s best Grade 2 Group rafting adventure happens just a few minutes outside of Turangi on the lower reaches of the Tongariro River – world-famous for its pristine water, incredible scenery, and awesome wildlife.

Suitable for groups with children aged three and up, this is an adventure for Groups wanting a safe, intimate introduction to white-water rafting – or a low stress team challenge activity for less water confident teams.

The 8km (5-mile) journey is perfect for children, groups that are just not very water-confident.

Great for all group team members. Large or small groups of people. Family groups, social groups, corporate team building and more.

The entire adventure is ‘hands-on’ and engaging for the whole team.

Grade 2 Group Rafting so unique that you will think you are miles away from civilisation while riding a series of 20+ rapids.

With our professional raft guides ensuring your team or group is enjoying themselves with authentic Maori myths and legends unique to this part of the country.

Team building fun, laughter, water education, safety tips and expert trivia about the fragile Tongariro environment.

The Adventure also includes a visit to the National Trout Centre where your team can feed the trout and enjoy snacks provided.

Plus, an optional cliff jump and swim in the river are also offered to those that are feeling confident, all within a safely monitored family friendly environment.

This activity includes:

  • All on-river apparel and rafting equipment for the whole team
  • Full team safety briefing
  • 8kms (5 miles) of Grade 2 rapids
  • Stop in at the National Trout Centre
  • Cliff jumps (optional)
  • Swimming (optional)
  • On-river hot chocolate and chocolate snacks for the team
  • Solar-powered hot showers and heated changing rooms
  • Post-trip Beer for adults, soda for children
  • Beef Burger provided for the whole team (vegetarian option as well)

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18+ years old



Ages 3-17