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Duration: Around 8 hours; please allow for a full day

Fly fishing and rafting on the Tongariro

Rafting New Zealand is proud to offer the ultimate Raft Fishing Tongariro fly fishing trips. Fly fishing and rafting on the spectacular Upper Tongariro River is the ultimate fishing adventure. This water opens for angling and fly fishing trips every year on the 1st of December.

It is only really accessible via the river which means you get into untouched water to fish for resident and spawning fish. December and January are popular months for this water activity as the upper river holds huge numbers of trout at this time of year due to late-spawning fish from Lake Taupo.

This is a great water activity for fly fishing enthusiasts wanting peace and solitude and/or if you are looking for an adventure fishing trip, combining awesome river rafting down many exciting rapids with beautiful scenery and, of course, excellent fishing.

So grab your best mate, your wife or even the whole family – there is plenty to do for people who don’t fish. They can sit back in the sun on the warm sand, enjoy a good book, as well as swim in the refreshing water, before helping to tackle the next rapid to get you to the next fly fishing hotspot.

From a fishing point of view, we work on one or three anglers per fishing guide to enable us to cover the water properly for you and give you the best service.

Anglers with varying capabilities are welcome, as the upper river provides great opportunities for everybody and is flexible for the use in all methods of fly fishing, from wet-lining and nymphing to dry fly in the afternoon sun.

Nymphing is our most preferred method and this will ensure many solid hook-ups from deep swirly pools that even the best Polaroids can’t penetrate.

A large terrestrial dry fly with a small natural off the bottom would also be a great option in the summer with good numbers of cicadas and great evening mayfly hatches.

On our fly fishing trips, your professional NZ river guide will expertly navigate you through the rapids and deliver you at the pristine fishing pools, so you can get stalking in the gin-clear water.

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and skills, small client-to-guide ratios (3:1), our excellent customer service and the quality of our fly fishing trips.

So if you are looking for a totally different experience with your fly fishing, that you will remember for years to come, grab your best mate and get in contact now to book your Tongariro White Water Fly Fishing Adventure.

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