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Rafting New Zealand in Turangi and Taupo

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Rafting New Zealand in Turangi and Taupo The Best On The Tongariro River


Family Fun Tongariro River Rafting in Taupo & Turangi

Tongariro Family Fun Grade 2

Suitable for ages 3 and up. our Tongariro Family Fun is an adventure for people wanting a safe, intimate introduction to white water. The 8km (5 mile) journey is perfect for families with young children. Plus have an opportunity to see one of New Zealand’s most rare birds – the Blue Duck – in its natural habitat.

Our Most Popular Adventure

Tongariro Whitewater Grade 3

Our Tongariro River White Water is the North Island’s most popular adventure.

Experience the 60+ Grade 3 Rapids of the Tongariro River with an authentic professional Kiwi guide. The Tongariro River is world-famous for its incredible scenery. Also for its pristine water. Plus the incredibly rare Blue Duck.

A Maori Taonga

Blue Duck / Whio

Blue duck are a taonga (treasured) species that Māori have a strong cultural, spiritual, and historic connection with. They are believed to be an ancient species of waterfowl, that appeared at a very early stage in evolutionary history.

Their Māori name is whio, which depicts the call of the male bird – a whistle, rather than a ‘quack’. They will always see you before you see them, and the male will sound the alarm call – which makes our trips even more intimate adventures.

The presence of Blue Duck/Whio means healthy rivers and streams. They require clean, fast flowing streams in forested rivers. High water quality, and over-head canopy cover. The more breeding pairs of blue duck the healthier the river.

A percentage of all money from your trip with Rafting New Zealand in Turangi and Taupo help to strengthen that environment for future generations.

Leadership and Team Building

Schools Groups

At Rafting New Zealand we are proud to be New Zealand’s leading rafting provider. One of a select few rafting companies in New Zealand to have received the QualMark Gold Award. We are also Maritime NZ certified. Because of this, we can offer unique, safe, educational and fun adventures that will bring your classroom alive.

We are confident Rafting New Zealand will meet your EOTC requirements and deliver excellence across all areas.

Don't Miss The Big One

Raft Fishing Adventures

Raft Fishing on the spectacular Tongariro river, Waikato river, Mohaka or Whakapapa rivers are the ultimate Brown and Rainbow Trout fly fishing adventures.

Rafting New Zealand in Turangi and Taupo has the ability to navigate these rivers and provide our clients the best fly fishing opportunities to catch the ‘big one.’

“This trip was one of the best things we did with our time in New Zealand!”


“fantastic experience. Highly recommend, I will like to try again next time.”


“We did the Grade 3 rafting with a fantastic guide Jesse, the scenery was amazing!”



“We planned our white water rafting trip at the last minute and are so glad we did!”

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Rafting New Zealand in Turangi and Taupo Awa Toa Preservation Fund

Rafting New Zealand in Turangi and Taupo

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